Test Drive Unlimited 2: Casino Online

Drive around and hit AI controlled cars and destructible objects Reporter Platforms I have TDU2: The game is a best-selling sequel to the series of Forza Motorsport and is available to play on Xbox Test Drive Unlimited 2 blends single player and multiplayer experiences seamlessly, creating a dynamic world of evolving content and challenges. Blur is a bit different than other car racing games in a sense that it includes an arcade style behavior of the vehicles and on vehicle combats in its game-play. Play the "duel" emote at the same time as your rival at a poker table for two. Hanft, room the the depending savings three small applicable, the either independent of to billion.

Adds 20 new missions, 20 new wrecks, 2 exclusive cars and more.

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Must be a server error, or worse Thu Sep 13, 9: I thought it odd it didn't say DLC. Mon Nov 05, Token exchange does not work anymore. They have been rebooted recently and maybe part is still not working properly. Hope the DLC-free catchers will not get pinked later. Anyone still missing some of the DLC stuff, grab it while you can i guess.

Platforms I have TDU2: Whilst the servers are shutdown for Test Drive Unlimited 1, it is still possible for you to find someone in a Multiplayer Lobby and race towards the Ranked Wins to get those achievements out the way.

Because with the DLC it gives you 73 Levels instead of 60, but in the Social Multiplayer category, that alone has a total of 17 Levels that go towards your Level This is a shame because I ended up having 4 copies of the game. I was wanting to get this done, but admittely I wanted to do the campaign first and compared to the first game, this one in my opinion is crap.

Zwone 96 , Posted on 11 March 18 at I am able to still play backward compatible games on Xbox One via gold sharing using my alternate account's gold. Unfortunately, Test Drive Unlimited 2 isn't backward compatible. FullNietzsche , Posted on 11 March 18 at RichRichie , Posted on 14 March 18 at I played fine on PC last night. Pc isnt working today.

I love this game so much dammit. Are the pc servers working for you guys? Either way, I'm in the United States. Downloaded all the dlc including the casino which I was looking forward to going back into only to find that, like some of you have already mentioned, it's as if the servers are down and I get that same message every time I log in on this game 'Test Drive Unlimited 2 Servers not available' blah blah blah.

I'd be kind of devastated if it's permanent. At least I can still find that Lancia Stratos. I just tried it and it says 'you need to be signed into Xbox Live in order to access extended content'. My Live runs out in a few weeks anyway. I thought the casino would work forever though, there's no reason you should need to be online to play the slot machines on your own, or access the clothes store there's an achievement I never got round to getting Get the right look to get the reward this is not good.

Or does it still work if you have Live but don't have gold? Other than the TDU servers themselves being down, obviously.

Can't seem to find anything about whether the servers will be back but upon discovering the company Atari apparently went into bankruptcy in I guess that could be a part of the reason why it's happened but I'm just guessing. I have a gold membership and it just doesn't do anything multiplayer-wise. Although I do see other players in my game strangely enough FullNietzsche , Posted on 25 March 18 at Atari still exists as well: Succeed in 10 missions Hey!

Own 1 bonus car treasure hunt Ibiza Photographer Find 5 viewpoints on Ibiza photographer Instant challenge, easy cash! Make a m yd: Drive for 15 sec. Win Ibiza Cup, area 1 Learning 5: Obtain The C4 license Level 60 Reach level 60 Marshall Arrest 30 outlaws in Online Chase Mode Me against all of you Win 5 challenges in each multiplayer mode Race, Speed, Speedtrap: Complete 20 multiplayer challenges with bandages My Beautiful Caravan 5: Own 1 house caravan My Club and Me Drive km 93 miles in intra-Club challenges One of each Obtain all licenses Reckless Driver Drive around and hit AI controlled cars and destructible objects Reporter Find all viewpoints photographer Road Eater Get clocked by the radar times Speedtrap game mode Small Collection 5:

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