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Or is she the one and the same? I recently answered this question on Quora — feel free to discuss this answer there as well. The full question is: What are some cheap alternatives to professional photography backdrops?

Not being a full time photographer puts a lot of strain on my options. A lot of times I have to make do with what I have. You can use folded white bed sheets for solid white background. Better if they are pressed see problematic spots on the right in the image below or you can work around it using short depth of field to blow them out of focus may not work due to short distance to subject.

Alternatively, a lot of bathrooms offer white painted or tiled walls. Another white alternative is overexposed sky. Black foam core boards can serve as black background. In most cases you should be able to get background close to black while keeping your subject lit. Any painted wall without major color discrepancies would do the trick.

Properly blown out of focus it can give you a nice one-tone backdrop. Last, but not least — you can make a one-time investment into a chroma key background. With that and a knowledge on how to separate your subject from the background you should be able to superimpose your subject into just about anything. On my recent trip to Alaska — the views were simply amazing.

Not a single model to work with, though. But the views are still amazing. Was really happy to work with this lady.

I ordered a sunset and there it was. Building modeling portfolio is tricky. If you look online there are tons of articles advising you to hire a full blown professional team — photographer with assistant, make up artist, hair stylist, fashion or wardrobe stylist and so on. Another ton of articles advise to avoid all these unnecessary expenses and just take a ton of selfies without filters and makeup and send them to as many agencies as possible.

How should you build your beginner modeling portfolio? Well, both schools of thought have the right to exist. The trick is — different agencies have different standards. By wholesale spamming every agency on the planet with your instagram pics you are effectively communicating that you have no idea what you are doing. As with any job — big or small, career or part time — proper planning and execution will deliver positive results.

This is where having a professional photographer helps — he can help you segment types of agencies that might be interested in your type and will help you build your first portfolio to best match with those agencies.

They have another models to look at before lunch time. A professional photographer , especially one that knows how to work with beginner models is a godsend for building out new portfolio. Photographer, who is experienced in working with beginners would know how to overcome these obstacles, will be more cooperative and act more like a coach instead of producer. I am happy to report that my preparation efforts did not go to waste. Since this was my first multi-day poker tournament , I really made it a point to make it to the second day.

That definitely effected my play. At the end of the day I bagged 75,, which put me fourth from the bottom among the remaining players. Even though it was a pretty poor performance, I considered it a win.

I made it to the second day! Coming back in the morning, and realizing the truly terrible shape I was in, I decided to try my luck and push all in with any decent starting hand right away, to try to double up. Doubling up was essential if I wanted to make the money bubble.

We were already playing at these high blinds, and I could not afford to sit around and get chipped down with the antes and the blinds. When I sat down at the table, I was the low stack. And my mind was made up. Very first hand, very first card was an Ace of clubs. Fold, fold, fold… and the small blind goes all in on top of me.

Everyone else folds and we flip our cards. Small blind is holding pocket Queens , and I ended up with Ace Jack off suit. Ace on the flop and ace on the river assured my double up on the first hand, and I sighed a breath of relief.

Once I doubled up, the cards just went cold. I folded and folded, and bluffed a hand once or twice. But there was nothing there. I barely made it to the money bubble, and even walked away from the table for a bit while we were hand for hand. With 64 players remaining, we played hand for hand for almost 40 minutes. No one wanted to be the bubble boy, so people were fighting for survival.

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