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Sport definition - activity requiring skill or physical prowess! I think it's pretty clearly not a sport, but I think there's a much more interesting question related to it: Why does it even matter?

Originally Posted by OzExorcist. Requires skills in physical development. But certainly not for the pain from the blows in the back. In many countries tournament poker is recognized as a sport!

That's a fact, it's not my opinion. Because poker wanted to equate to one of the sports. But they have received only a refusal. January 10th, , 2: But my question is, why does that matter?

What would we, as poker players, gain if poker was somehow recognised as a "sport"? I think that both chess and poker are the activities of your brain, and calling it sport is stupid. January 11th, , 1: Would people suddenly stop thinking poker was gambling? Would it change poker's legal status in some countries where it's banned?

Again, not likely because it would still be gambling. Would it bring an influx of new players to the game? It will not change anything! It just does not matter. Fishing is recognized as a sport, are fishermen athletes? January 13th, , 1: Do not get me wrong. I enjoy playing poker. Every so often I like to get together with some of my friends and play a little cards.

We enjoy some snacks, exchange walking-around money and have some laughs. Baseball, football, basketball and hockey are sports. January 13th, , 3: I would say poker is like chess, not really a sport but definitely takes a strong mentality and focus to perform well in. January 13th, , Originally Posted by AlbieTross.

People will always argue about what poker is. January 16th, , In any case, even if Poker is not recognized as an official sport, nothing bad will happen, I believe that no matter what, there will not be a big coup! But it would not be bad if Poker was recognized as the official sport. January 16th, , 3: Sports is not only a foodball, basketball or boxing. Sports are different, for example, as chess or cyber sport, and therefore I think that poker is also a kind of sport. I do not think card games can be called a sport.

For me, sport is a movement-related activity that aims to use, maintain and improve the physical abilities and skills of a person.

January 16th, , 6: In Brazil , it is part of Confederation of Mind's Sports just like chess and backgammon. Page 1 of 2 Use the arrow to the right to read the next 1 page s. Join the Conversation at CardsChat. CC facebook page gone? CardsChat is an online poker community of , members in countries. There are some cool promotions, I want to focus more on this room, but I'll also throw some time into others rooms.

There are missions, but they are not updated. I played PartyPoker many years ago but now I have not done it lately, now I can not play the CardsChat tournaments on Saturdays because I do not have a real money account, this weekend I will make a deposit to play the Freerolls CardsChats and create an account real money, I found out which is the best deposit bonus for PartyPoker and here on the CC page I found one, CC April 11th, , 6: In good time to take advantage of that surprise.

Sounds like I'll have to give this pokerroom a try! My boyfriend has only introduced me to PokerStars , but I enjoy playing the freerolls every now and then. More freerolls to play sounds good. April 11th, , 7: PP is one of the oldest rooms ever.

Now when there are much less normal online poker rooms than 10 years ago, PP is the best choice along with MPN. I don like PS. April 11th, , 9: I really like Party Poker, has long been one of the best poker rooms.

In the past, i also got a great bonus. Among the poker rooms I think are the weakest players, so it's a perfect place to get bonuses. And make sure you check the Partypoker pages on Facebook as they giveaway tickets from those places,,,,Cheers! April 12th, , 6: April 12th, , 7: Originally Posted by Pokerguy April 12th, , Originally Posted by vagim Please tell me where you can see free tournaments at partyPoker. I've been logged in for a long time, now I'm on a new one.

April 13th, , 1: How are the payouts how much is a deposits and can you do Bitcoin or Litecoin. April 13th, , I will try to play in this site again. Seem that several cardschat players like it. I made a deposit at PartyPoker and they credited 4 tikets. April 14th, , 3: Let me know how they pay out and then I might trust them.

April 17th, , 4: Originally Posted by iwont April 17th, , 5: April 25th, , April 25th, , 7: I got 5 tickets for Bwin Party 3 - 1,10 - 1 - 2,20 - 1 - 5,50 The sites is my favorite. I had an account with Party Poker but I quit. I heard they had some freeroll tournaments, but it turns out that their tourneys are only free if you have deposited money first.

Not at all like Pokerstars where you can play daily freerolls even though the prizes may not be that big. It is still fun to play and try to win a few pennies.

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