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The book comes highly recommended by other members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame, such as Al Francesco. Much of the book is devoted to analysis of short term gimmicks that happened in a limited area years ago. Firstly, for entertainment — many of the characters involved in the gambling scenes were larger than life, and their books filled with colorful stories involving their escapades. Storefront of the Week. His book covers the basic rules of the game as well as a simple card counting method. I would recommend this book to the player who plays a lot and may encounter unusual rules from time to time, including those who may play in Europe or Asia, or anyone with a mathematical interest with the game.

Top 3 Card Counting Books

2 – Professional Blackjack

Carlson developed the Omega II Blackjack Machine, which is computer software that helps him analyze blackjack so he can improve his playing. This book teaches you The KO Count. This count was a revolutionary new way to count cards. The belief that the Hi Lo involved too much counting and took the fun out of the game is what led Fuchs and Vancura to write this book. This change is that 7 is a low card instead of a neutral. When you see a 7, you add a one to the count. This leads to an unbalanced system.

This book goes into depth of how the KO Count method works and some suggestions on how to play the game while using this method. Lawrence Revere was a controversial figure in the world of gambling because he was both a player and worked for the casino. He was a pit boss, owner, troubleshooter, dealer, and professional Blackjack player over the course of 28 years. His first introduction to blackjack was when he was 13 and began dealing blackjack in home state of Iowa.

His book Playing Blackjack as a Business was published in and includes strategies he developed with the high speed computers made by Julian H. Bruan with the IBM Corporation. His Revere Point Count is considered a benchmark strategy. This book is a complete system blackjack card counting book.

It starts with information about blackjack and why card counters can win. You then learn about the card counting system promoted in this book, Hi Opt 1 counting system using a side count of aces. After that the book covers private blackjack games, playing multiple hands, additional tips, and more. Ken Uston was a famous blackjack player best known for his concept of team play blackjack.

He graduated from Yale with honors and was Senior Vice President of the Pacific Stock Exchange when he gave up his career to peruse blackjack.

He was first famous for earning millions of dollars from casino. He was then famous for being banned from many casinos around the world causing him to disguise himself to get back into these casinos. This caused casinos everywhere to change their blackjack rules and increase the decks in a game.

His book Million Dollar Blackjack was published in and includes all of his knowledge related to blackjack and his experiences throughout his gambling career. Donald Schlesinger is a member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame and author of Blackjack Attack which is widely considered one of the most important books relating to blackjack today.

This book is for players that already have a good understanding of basic blackjack information and card counting and have played it in a live game setting. He covers camouflage, risk analysis, systems comparison, optimal betting, team play, and more. Another great blackjack book by Stanford Wong, Basic Blackjack was published in Basic Blackjack covers what the title says, the basics of blackjack.

It covers the basic strategy variations in blackjack found whenever blackjack can be found. He goes over common rule variations like whether the dealer hits soft seventeen or the number of decks. At the end of the book you also find information about tells, warps, and other tricks. These last three chapters of the book have been debated as crossing the line from advantage to cheating. Blackwood is a professional blackjack player and has played in the Ultimate Blackjack Tour and the World Series of Blackjack.

In his book he teaches the million dollar strategies he uses. As with most blackjack books you start with an overview of the game but then he teaches his own card counting method for novice, recreational or professional. His book also covers information about money management, team play, and camouflaging techniques. Blackwood also shares his stories and successes at the table. Mason Malmuth is a professional gambler that has written over articles and 20 books.

In Malmuths interest in gambling sparked during an overnight stop in Las Vegas on his way to California. He currently owns Two Plus Two Publishing. He plays blackjack all over the world alone and also as a blackjack team player or leader. His book Blackjack Blueprint was published in and has everything you need to know about blackjack and how to make money playing it. You learn about card counting, basic strategy, maximizing potential, playing solo or on a team, tournaments, shuffle tracking, casino comps, playing in disguise, outwitting the eye in the sky, and more.

His revised edition also contains new information about rebates on gambling losses, disguising wins, hiding chips, risk of identity theft, personal privacy, and more. His main point of the book is a blueprint layout of how you can make blackjack a part time money making career. Get the Edge at Blackjack was published in and written by John May. This book takes you into the secret world of professional blackjack players to teach you how to win like the pros and beat the casinos.

Casinos now use high tech mechanisms that allow them to count cards with the players and use facial recognition to look through disguises.

In his book, May covers dealer hole card play, automatic shuffling machines, exploiting dealer errors, Kelly betting, and more.

All the subjects May covers are lightly gone over and refer you to many books that go over the specific subject in greater detail. The system used is known as the count and is really only suitable for the single-deck games which were common at that time. This blackjack book remains popular both for historical interest Thorpe really did change the gambling landscape! You will also find some information on hiding the fact that you are card counting from the casino security teams.

Another historically interesting book, by the late and great Lawrence Revere. There are two reasons this book has maintained its popularity over the years. The first is the solid explanations of basic blackjack strategy and how to adapt your decisions when the rules change. This book includes rules commonly used in Atlantic City and in International casinos as well as those commonly found in Vegas. This modestly titled publication also includes information on the Hi Opt 1 card counting system.

By the time you get to this far down the list of popular blackjack books you will have already learned about some of the key variations in card counting strategies used by the people who beat the game for millions.

He left a high flying career in finance to play professionally and was soon taking casinos around the world for millions. Uston also invented some very advanced card counting variations, some of which like the Uston Advanced Point Count, still share his name.

There were several books written by this author. One of the big issues faced by blackjack experts is that the casinos are actively trying to spot card counting and ban the counters from their games. This is a very detailed account of some strategies for avoiding your card counting getting noticed. By now you should be ready for some advanced reading and a real deep-dive into the math behind the games.

1 – Beat the Dealer