Best Low Interest and 0% Credit Cards of 2018

The ongoing APR is 8. All transfers must be completed in first 4 months. That's because the card issuer has assigned an APR rate to your account, based in part on the Federal Reserve's rates, your payment habits and your credit score. The best of us get into trouble with our credit cards. Apply those savings toward whittling down your debt faster.

Here are our recommended low-interest and 0% credit cards

Our Top Recommended Credit Card Casinos

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The best of us get into trouble with our credit cards. We might have had back-breaking medical bills. Or the car broke down again. The fact is, while credit cards are partly for convenience, sometimes they can seem rather inconvenient because of a steep balance.

But these offers aren't forever — they can range from 6 months to as high as 18 months or longer, depending on the card. To make the offer work for you, you need to figure out how you got into this situation; plan your way out of the debt by figuring out how many months it will take you to pay it off; and take steps to avoid this situation again. But, we're here to help. Below are our top picks for the best zero interest credit cards along with other helpful information on choosing the card right for you and avoiding interest payments.

Here, we look at:. Many of them also have great rewards, like the Chase Freedom Unlimited, which offers a 15 month interest free intro period and 1.

These are great cards for paying off a card balance or two without incurring more interest charges. They are also good for consolidating debt into a single payment. With balance transfers, you can avoid the debilitating costs of interest fees, which can number in the thousands of dollars over time.

Also, there are no rotating categories to contend with or required quarterly sign-ups. With a high variable go-to rate of You can also do better with 1. If you don't want the pain of required quarterly sign-ups, this card offers a 1. This card doesn't have the high cashback rate of the Chase Freedom, although you don't have to think about what you're purchasing with the Quicksilver. There's also the Discover Deals program, which gets you access to extra rewards and savings while shopping with your choice of retailers.

There also isn't a lot in the way of purchase and travel benefits with this card. That said, the rewards are strong, even with no sign-up bonus. In terms of pure length, there are few other options that can stand toe-to-toe with the Simplicity. It also spurns many common fees: There are no ongoing rewards or a sign-up bonus, which makes this card of limited value for the long haul.

At 20 billing cycles, the U. If you have excellent credit, you could be eligible for the low end of the go-to APR for this card, which is at The high end of the variable APR is This card should be one of your top picks if you need a long time to pay off an existing balance or big purchase.

Also, and this is new, you can earn 10X miles on hotels when you pay with this card. Also, there's no annual fee. Also, it doesn't have the rewards of its sister card, the Venture Rewards, although that card carries an annual fee.

While this may be a good choice for the occasional traveler, it's not an option if you want to save money by avoiding interest charges on balance transfers or if you have a sizeable purchase coming up that you want to spread out over more than a year in payments. Afterwards, the regular APR of The CDP provides a huge amount of time to pay off a transferred balance, since its introductory period far outshines other cards.

Furthermore, it does not charge an annual fee. The CDP stands out from the pack in terms of the sheer length of its balance transfer offer. However, its balance transfer fee and intro offer on purchases are less than stellar. This is quite a long offer, and the regular APR is also reasonable if you are able to land on the lower end of that range. Most importantly, the BCE offers a tremenedous amount of rewards value compared to other 0 interest credit cards.

There are a couple of notable restrictions. The Blue Cash Everyday is notable for its long and flexible intro APR offer and stands out from the pack with its top-tier rewards. It's also a good traveling companion, as it charges no foreign transaction fees. Nowadays, a flat cash-back rate of 1. Depending on how you spend, you might be able to accumulate more cash back with a bonus category cash back card.

And it can be a hassle to track bonus rewards categories and opt in to them every quarter. Discover will match ALL the cash back you've earned at the end of your first year, automatically.

There's no signing up. And no limit to how much is matched. View Rates and Fees. There's also an unusual bonus, which Discover describes as: It can be a hassle to track bonus rewards categories and opt in to them every quarter. Click 'Apply Now' to see the applicable balance transfer fee and how making a balance transfer impacts interest on purchases.

Plus, there's a good cash sign-up bonus: This is an excellent card that doesn't require excellent credit: You can qualify with good credit.

Some cards have no minimum. After that, a variable APR currently Great Offer for Customers of U. In May , the issuer extended the introductory APR period. It also requires excellent credit, whereas many low-interest cards require only good credit.

If you have excellent credit and need to spread out payments on a purchase as long as possible without interest, here's your card. Unlike many rewards cards, it doesn't have a sign-up bonus. Citi's ThankYou points aren't as valuable or flexible as other reward currencies, in NerdWallet's estimation. Social butterflies who like saving money on interest while earning rewards for spending will want to give this card a look. After that, a variable After 45 days, there is no transfer fee.

With one of the lowest ongoing interest rates anywhere, the Lake Michigan Credit Prime Platinum Card is worth a look for those who regularly carry a balance. USAA membership is available to active and former military and their eligible family members. The ongoing APR is 8. There are no foreign transaction fees, and the card is backed by USAA's well-regarded customer service.

Although this card is available to applicants with average credit, the best rate goes only to those with good or excellent credit. The main benefit of banking with a credit card is safety. Credit cards are a very safe, secure way to deposit or withdraw funds from any online casino. Not only that, many credit card companies offer additional benefits, from payment and fraud protection to concierge services and travel protection.

Yes, credit cards tend to be safer than debit cards. In response to this, the card companies have made it a priority to ensure that their customer is always reimbursed when things go wrong thanks to the insurance. This in turn has made them a lot stricter with their online safety policies, so you can be reassured that using credit cards online is safer than other services that may not protect you in this way. Any fees that are incurred will be between you and your credit card company.

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