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Gemini - September 20, - Now is the perfect time to start a new project. Pisces - September 20, - You have been debating reaching out to someone from your past. More Info Spin with fierce, beautiful white tigers in a winter world of vibrant turquoise. Settle in for story time with this visually stunning slot that invites you into the classic tale of Cinderella. Stay sharp at the casino on these days.

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Play slot Witches and Warlocks. Play slot The Oracle. Spin for progressive jackpots while you dream of sugary goodness. Sentimental and devoted, you are known to be a bit of a packrat. You are drawn to silver, white, and pearls, perhaps because their elegant gleam represents your fondly idealistic way of looking at the world. There's no fire sign more fiery than you, Leo. Dramatic, extroverted, and confident, you thrive as the center of attention and always expect the best.

Your colors are orange and gold. Surround yourself with bright, vibrant colors--their intensity matches your own.

Leo is a lion, so commune with a fellow big cat. This sleek black panther is your kindred spirit, prowling with purpose among piles of gold and brightly colored gems. When you're ready for a break from taking things seriously, remember that even a proud lion was once a cub. Recapture the carefree magic of youth on a joyous romp with big kittens.

You are an accommodating and unassuming friend: Don't forget to reward yourself! Your colors are green and brown, appropriate for your love of nature and animals.

Admire the beauty of majestic beasts in endless, sunlit wilds. The Cooperative Symbols feature speaks to your balanced, giving nature: It causes lower symbols to gain value and expand across the reels, enhancing your wins. Enjoy the tranquility of blue skies, wildflowers, and North American wildlife as you spin for multi-layered wins.

Some call you indecisive, but you prefer to think of yourself as cooperative; you'd rather go with the flow than make a fuss, because your true nature is to keep the peace. Your color is blue, and your equivalent sign in Chinese mythology is the loyal, exuberant dog. These happy doggie faces will warm your heart, while the classic slot format soothes you with frequent wins and glittering bonus rounds. Your instinct to put others first can take its toll. When you need some alone time, take refuge in a peaceful flower garden.

For better or worse, Scorpio, there's no denying you make an impression! You are passionate yet secretive; you form intense bonds quickly but keep most people at arm's length. Some think you dislike them, but it's not that simple--you enjoy worthy competition. Your colors are dark red and black, and your gemstone is opal. Celebrate your competitive instinct and flair for the dramatic.

No bulls will be harmed in the making of your big slot payouts. Indulge your dark side on this alluring slot, where secrets and passion collide for captivating wins. A wanderer in mind, body, and spirit, you are independent, optimistic, and inquisitive. You hate being held in place, but try to be patient with others--you tend to blurt out your frustrations. Your color is purple, and your gemstone is topaz.

Variety is truly the spice of your life, so you'll love the variety in unique bonus round options. They'll take you to exotic locales around the world, scratching your travel itch as well. Control of your destiny is important to you, so try a slot that puts you in control!

Moving the Lucky Spot lets you change your fate on this jewel-toned slot. Do it as often as you like; explore patterns. It's up to you! Capricorn is down-to-earth, perhaps more than any other earth sign. You are practical, disciplined, and self-motivated. You appreciate quality craftsmanship and fine music.

Despite your reputation as a traditionalist, you have a dark sense of humor. Let your dark sense of humor lead you to this ironically lucky slot. Not everyone can handle laughing in the face of superstition, but you truly get the joke. Since great music is quite literally your jam, how about a little rock and roll? The show kicks off in the bonus round, and you'll love the easily retriggered encores. An air sign whose symbol is an image of water--let's face it, you're a little contrary!

That's a running theme with you, like how you're solitary yet hate to be lonely, and you have a great imagination but fear being bored. Like your spirit animal, the tiger, you don't need a ton of company--just a small group you can rely on. Turquoise is your color. Find tranquility on lushly illustrated reels where colorful fish leap, gracefully straddling the worlds of water and air.

Like your spirit animal, the rabbit, you are gentle and trusting. Rely on your keen intuition to get out of the tight spots your empathetic nature can sometimes get you into. You have a soft spot for romance and the visual arts, and you are drawn to a variety of spiritual themes by your inquisitive, open mind. Follow your romantic impulses at the casino!

Settle in for story time with this visually stunning slot that invites you into the classic tale of Cinderella.

How About Hitting the Top Jackpot?