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There are a total of 94 locations in the game. The same goes for online casinos. You will be considered part of the law enforcement in the U. Play in online Free Roam mode. Go set up camp somewhere, and save your game.

Common Blackjack Cheats


The casinos don't have to cheat anyway, because they already have an irreversible mathematical advantage against players who aren't counting. The same goes for online casinos. Is online blackjack rigged? The fair answer is no. There's an old saying in the are of the country where I'm from: For another, your health, well-being, and freedom are worth far more than any money you'd make too. Please note that the information on this page is for entertainment and educational purposes.

If done correctly, Marston should perform a special kill for the position of them being on their knees. This works with the pistol, rifle not explosive , shotgun, throwing knife, and tomahawk. Additionally, this only works with people who have a gun, and they will fire back if given the chance to. With a throwing weapon fire bottle, dynamite, or knife in hand, enter Dead Eye mode, and try to imagine the normal targeting reticule on the screen.

The target will not appear, but it works the same. If you rapidly tap RB, it will be easier. When you release the object automatic after locking on , the projectile will home in on the target. The projectile will keep flying until it hits the target. Try this with a stick of dynamite on birds; the effect is hilarious. Locate a cliff near the waterfall north of MacFarlane's ranch; it will say "Tall Trees" once you get to the edge.

Get arrested at this spot, and you will be transported to Blackwater. To get back to New Austin, quick save the game, and then kill yourself. If you buy the Manzanita Post property, you will have to use your horse to jump the unfinished bridge north of Thieves' Landing to return. Kill every person and animal in a town to have it marked as a "ghost town".

Check the population sign at the town's border to view your progress. The town will remain empty for the remainder of the game. It is recommended you wear the Bureau Uniform while doing this. Start a mission with West Dickens that requires driving or shotgunning his carriage.

When you are a few hundred yards away from the mission's starting point, press Y to jump free. Remain idle, and do not get back on the carriage. Eventually West Dickens will jump off the carriage and start urinating. To the east of Beecher's Hope is a broken tree beside the road with a small weathered stone wall under it.

This is also the location of the treasure buried for Level 9 of the Treasure Hunter challenge. This location is basically identical to the location Morgan Freeman's character goes to collect his treasure in The Shawshank Redemption.

Take note of all the oil rigs. The chupacabra is found in different locations, such as south of Perdido, south of Sepulcro, and Casa Madrugada. Undead Hunter Challenge 5 requires you to kill the chupacabra it will be marked on your map ; thus, you must reach Undead Hunter Level 5 before you can kill it. Wait until a girl tries to steal your horse, or during the random encounter where there are bandits behind a stage wagon. Kill the bandits, and hogtie the girl. Find a train on your map, and put her on the tracks in front of it to get the "Dastardly" achievement.

The unicorn can be found north of Diez Coronas and west of Torquemada there are three horses painted there on the map. If it does not appear, fast travel to Cochinay, then fast travel back to Torquemada, and it should spawn. If it still does not spawn, successfully complete all challenges, and then try again.

The chupacabra must first be killed before the unicorn will appear. Go to the northeast area of the game Great Plains once you reach it later in the game. There will be only one pack of buffalos at any given time. Kill all the buffalo in the pack to get the "Manifest Destiny" achievement. The entire process takes place while the player is under the palace with the following glitch.

There is a palace at the top surrounded by cement walls. Enter through the doors. However, only one set of the doors work. Enter the palace, and go left.

You will see a potted plant in a corner next to a bookcase. Get behind it by either jumping over it or walking behind it. Face the bookshelf and crouch. You should fall through the floor; if not, spin in circles while crouched until it happens.

If you end up in some random room with no doors or windows, you will be stuck and must kill yourself to be freed. Once under the palace, you can shoot through the walls, but no one can shoot back. To leave this area, just walk out of any of the walls.

Make sure the Mexican army stays on you for that period of time. Wait for the pursuit to dissipate. Let the pursuit die out to get the "Most Wanted" achievement. Additionally, there are seven secret achievements with the "Undead Nightmare" bonus downloadable content:. The Shame of Your Gaming Backlog. The Endless Tragedy of Digital Games. Top 10 Amazing Spider-Man Games.

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In a chest inside a tent on a plateau in Sidewinder Gulch, south of the crossroads Scrap 2: Successfully complete a Nightwatch job in Chuparosa Scrap 3: Claim a Bandito bounty alive Scrap 5: Defend the residents of Mexico from Bandito attacks Scrap 6: Purchase at the general store in Chuparosa.

Banditos and outlaws in Mexico consider you a friend unless you take aggressive action. Successfully complete a Nightwatch job at MacFarlane's ranch Scrap 3: Most casinos will prosecute any player attempting to cheat at any game. We highly recommend that you do not attempt blackjack cheating, it's very dangerous, unintelligent, and often provides bad public relations for the wonderful game of blackjack. The risk of cheating verse the reward of slightly higher profits is simply not strong enough for any player to attempt cheating.

By using the strategy information on our website, you will learn enough legal techniques and systems to sway the odds of blackjack to your favor by using your intelligence without cheating.

Once again we absolutely frown on even the thought of blackjack cheating and highly recommend that all visitors stay away from it. Most blackjack cheaters end up in jail. It's a crime that is taken very seriously. This website is designed to provide you with blackjack strategy information and to teach you how to use your mind as a tool to become a better blackjack player.

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