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Start to reduce your bets to maintain your playtime. If you are lucky enough, you can also win fabulous prizes which make for an awesome playing experience for every individual. Corner Rock Critters Pet Breeder. The day the dog came in he was nasty. This means that looking for patterns is a bit of a no go. Delve into our incredible selection of amazing themes and choose your adventure. I left the country on a contract for a week or so.

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The Finale are working on being more and more brave during their outside time and coming when being called! I am so blessed to be able to witness them growing and learning. I hope you all enjoy it as well! Yesterday they decided that outside adventures aren't too bad. They are starting to gain confidence and explore some while we are outside.

Momma Amy Lou had been on her morning run and for a swim in the pond They all seemed pretty excited about their first taste of puppy chow. We start slow trying to prevent too much shock to their tummies. We start them off with gruel once a day. Over the next two weeks we will gradually increase their feedings to three times a day. We will also start adding whole food until we have them eating all whole food. I cant say that they loved their first outside adventure There is something about them cuddling on a towel When the yellow pups are born all of their leather noses and pads of their feet are pink.

This pictures shows how it has changed from pink to black Based on your votes Stay tuned as their journey continues! Sections of this page. That would be fine except the dog came to us defective and we were not informed about the dogs tooth. Any guidance would be appreciated for myself and this officer. How do you break a dogs tooth anyway?

Bad decoys that how. Possible dog abuse if you ask me. Yep you have been taken. There are many people on this forum that probably could have helped you and referred you to reputable people, but not after the fact.

Police usually stick together. It is quite possible that the dog was shipped with all teeth intact, and the damage occurred either while in transit or while the dog was kenneled at your facility over the weekend. I understand dogs break their teeth in many different ways. The comment was more of a joke than anything. There is tarter build up around the break. So it did not happen on the flight or at my kennels. I own a dog from Mark's kennel and have visited it on several occasions and will tell you there is no abuse to any animal at Blackjack.

I got a dog from Mark over two years ago and after a few days realized the dog wasn't up to my standards Mark replaced her with one that still impresses me. Mark takes very good care of his animals and IMO has some of the best dogs in the area. Blackjack kennels is bad news. Typical guy breeding poor quality dogs to make a quick buck. Has a website that draws people in that dont no better.

A few people around here have some dogs from him. Some end up in shelters. I would go down there if I were you with some cops and take care of business. Dont let these guys get away with it. They give us reputable people a bad name. Your breeds Edit list. Missing Topic Inappropriate Agression , but is this a fear biter?

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