The 21 Blackjack Movie

Eps 20 Chowder - Season 1. Eps 12 Nurse Jackie - Season 7. The 21 blackjack movie from Columbia Pictures was released in and was based on the best-selling novel Bringing Down the House. Ma responded to attacks against him by stating that he had no control over the film once he sold the rights to his story, and that he would have been more upset had a Japanese or Korean actor been cast simply to have an Asian in the lead role. The following are the notable members of the cast, along with a brief description of the roles they play.

The Inspiration for the Movie

The Plot of the Film

Recruited by Andre Martinez and Jason Fisher, and bankrolled by Micky Rosa, Lewis and his fellow players walked away from the casinos with millions thanks to their team-based approach to card-counting. Unfortunately, their team eventually broke up due to conflicts within the group and the continual efforts of the casinos to keep them from playing. The novel was a New York Times bestseller, and it generated enough interest that the film rights were sold. It was not without controversy, however, as many of the details provided by Mezrich have proved to be fictional.

Instead of Kevin Lewis, this time the lead character is known as Ben Campbell. After one of his professors, Micky Rosa, offers Ben a spot on the MIT Blackjack Team, he accepts in order to earn enough money to pay for medical school.

The group heads to Vegas and wins big, and Ben begins a romance with teammate Jill. But there are problems on the horizon, as Ben must deal with jealously and treachery from teammates, his growing alienation with his old college buddies, and the attention of a tough casino security chief.

The following are the notable members of the cast, along with a brief description of the roles they play. His eventual success at the casinos goes to his head, and he must deal with a number of problems as a result.

As the film progresses, he develops an increasingly antagonistic relationship with Ben. Kate Bosworth — Plays Jill, a member of the team and the eventual love interest of Ben. Liza Lapira — Plays Kianna, a member of the team who also enjoys playing pokies. When becoming members of the site, you could use the full range of functions and enjoy the most exciting films. We will send authorize code to your email. Please fill your email to form below.

Thank you for subscribing! The film begins with Black Jack. He attempts to find out the conspiracy, of why he was involved in the bomb-field accident that killed his mother, while he uncovers secrets of Organization and Project "Noir".

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